Engineering Your Protection.

THE zephyr story - continuing our dedication to innovation

Since 2009, the Protective Technologies team has been dedicated to research & development, design and engineering of systems that provide protection against the All-Hazards environment. Two years ago, the team designed a commercial door with a core that provides ballistic protection and was part of our unified wall panel system. In a creative twist, the team turned this door panel into louvers in a panel system that, when layered at an angle and stacked vertically between braces up to 30 feet tall, becomes a wall with ballistic protection for outdoor assets. 

The louvers are installed at an angle to provide the necessary air flow needed to allow heat dissipation while denying line of sight to the asset. Two things make this system truly unique. First, the system is designed so that the foundation is above ground and does not require underground trenching which, in many cases, could damage underground cables, pipes, etc.  Second is its ease of installation. Using our innovative cam-lock system, once the foundation is laid and the braces installed, the light weight louvers easily slide into place. Because of this, maintenance is also simplified as the louvers can be pulled and repaired or replaced with ease, keeping labor and materials costs low. 

Our Perimeter Ballistic Defense Barrier providves ballistic protection for public utilities asset protection and is another leading-edge protective design product from the Protective Technologies team that displays our dedication to protective design and our commitment to continued research and development in the All-Hazards industry. 


Advantages of the Zephyr