Engineering Your Protection.

Modular Protective Wall Panel System

This modular Unified Wall Panel System was designed and engineered by our experts in protective design and engineering.  The system was designed to give public utilities a solution to protect stations in the field with a simple to install, easy to maintain and repair product.  Certified UL 752 Level 8 includes: Shotgun, 7.62mm, .44 mag, 9mm FMJ. 

modular building for the future

This modular build at  Murray Middle School in California was one of many schools that were given grants from the Department of Defense, Office of Economic Adjustment to build new or retrofit.  Being located on a US Air Force base, it was subject to the standards proscribed by the Unified Facilities Criteria.  Protective Technologies engineered this component.  The district saved millions and California DSA approved the first blast resistant modular gymnasium of its kind.