Engineering Your Protection.


Protective modular wall systems and doors

advantages of the unified wall panel system



Has met AT/FP requirements per UFC 4-010-01  and is commercially available

Natural Threat Solution

Both wall panels and doors provide protection from high wind, seismic and fire 

Easy Installation

Installation is easier and can be accomplished without heavy equipment and with little knowledge of construction techniques.

Faster Installation = Money Saved

Because of the simplicity of the installation process, labor costs are reduced.  

Gone Green!

The UWPS components provide sound transmission control, affords a very low thermal  transfer capability and are LEED compliant.   

Service Life

The UWPS  has a long service life and is easy to maintain or replace.  

Alternative to Traditional Construction

The UWPS can be used in traditional new-build, retrofit and modular build projects.  It has been proven to be a successful alternative to traditionally framed walls.  


The UWPS is an aesthetically pleasing solution for both the interior and exterior as the both can be sheathed in whatever material required or requested.  

The unified wall panel system (uwps)

modular building for the future

A modular build using the Unified Wall Panel System saved our client $3MM and produced the first blast resistant gymnasium approved by California DSA.