threat assessments

Services Offered:

  Vulnerability, threat assessment and structural analysis should be the first step to determining an All-Hazard mitigation solution along with gaining a clear understanding of any codes or specs that must be met. Protective Technologies can perform Threat and Vulnerability Assessments for threats including: 

  • Blast - Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection and VCE Explosions
  • Ballistic/Active Shooter
  • Crime
  • Force Entry 
  • Fire/Toxicity 
  • High Wind/Shear
  • Seismic
  • Sound Transmission Control
Efficient Planning and Delivery of Solutions - A well performed TVA is the basis for developing  an efficient and effective delivery of perimeter security and structural hardening as well as a integrated Security Preparedness Plan for schools, data centers, energy production, chemical processing, and other commercial applications as well as military, federal and municipal requirements.
Protective Technologies' analysis and design services include P.E. and S.E.. staff members with decades of experience in Threat and Vulnerability Assessment  services.  Our engineers also have an expert understanding of  Physical Security Standards compliance, including Unified Facilities criteria, Department of State, Department of Defense, General Services Administration and all other federal and military Anti-terrorism/Force Protection requirements. 
We will work effectively with the owners, architects and contractors to ensure project hazards codes are met and designs are not only efficient and  effective but aesthetically appealing.
Including Protective Technologies from the beginning of a project that has an Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection or other hazards mitigation requirements can help control cost overruns.  We can assist our clients in understand the code requirements of the hazard mitigation portion of their project, assessing their situation correctly, and providing a effective and efficient solution the first time around.