Vulnerability, threat assessment and structural analysis should be the first step to determining an All-Hazard mitigation solution along with gaining a clear understanding of any codes or specs that must be met. Protective Technologies can perform Threat and Vulnerability Asssessments for threats including: 

  • Blast - Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection and VCE Explosions
  • Ballistic/Active Shooter
  • Crime
  • Force Entry 
  • Fire/Toxicity 
  • High Wind/Shear
  • Seismic
  • Sound

Efficient Planning and Delivery of Solutions

A well performed TVA is the basis for developing  an efficient and effective delivery of perimeter security and structural hardening as well as a integrated Security Preparedness Plan for schools, data centers, energy production, chemical processing, and other commercial applications as well as military, federal and municipal requirements.

Protective Technologies' analysis and design services include P.E. and S.E.. staff members with decades of experience in Threat and Vulnerability Assessment  services.  Our engineers also have an expert understanding of  Physical Security Standards compliance, including Unified Facilities criteria, Department of State, Department of Defense, General Services Administration and all other federal and military Anti-terrorism/Force Protection requirements.  

We will work effectively with the owners, architects and contractors to ensure project hazards codes are met and designs are not only efficient and  effective but aesthetically appealing.

  • Including Protective Technologies from the beginning of a project that has an Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection or other hazards mitigation requirements can help control cost overruns.  We can assist our clients in understand the code requirements of the hazard mitigation portion of their project, assessing their situation correctly, and providing a effective and efficient solution the first time around. 


blast engineering and structural engineering services; model of blast resistant module skeleton

  • Expert Program Management
  • Design and Engineering 
  • Blast / Forced Entry Protection
  • Exceptional Security Engineering
  • Civil and Security Engineering
  • Military & Government Facilities Design & Construction (Classified and Unclassified)

Our comprehensive turn-key approach to protective design and engineering starts at the perimeter and incorporates the building's envelope to include the design of major structural elements and other elements such as doors and windows.   With this comprehensive approach, the design and engineering plan addresses  all aspects of threat assessment, design and construction. After a thorough threat assessment, we can design, test and validate all elements, deliver economic advantages and support the complete solution. 

 There are many governmental standards to follow when it comes to natural and man-made hazards such as Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection, seismic, fire and high winds.  If your organization or location requires you to follow a standard, we can help unravel the complexities by working directly with you, the architect, General Contractor or owner's rep.  If you don't fall under any specific standards for such threats, it can be hard to know what's important and what order to follow.  We can assist there too.  The links and articles below will help you better understand the hazards and whether you need to plan for them.

  • Our staff includes structural engineers with S.E.s and P.E.s and decades of experience in protective design and blast engineering.  Our goal is to provide a level of expertise and precise solutions that can be easily understood and implemented and that are backed by complete documentation to prove our designs and specs will be successful.    


image of live blast testing for Blast Resistant Module designed by PTG Engineering Services

  • Advanced Computational Modeling for Blast/Seismic/High Winds
  • Live Blast Testing Programs
  • Ballistic Testing
  • Fire/Combustability Testing

There are some things you just don’t leave to chance—lives are one of them. Despite being created, engineered and built by some of the top experts in the field, we wouldn't think of letting anyone set foot in one of our blast-resistant modules or build with our wall systems without testing our designs first.  We've also helped others develop, test and bring to market exciting new technologies that are changing the way we build and keep Protective Technologies at the forefront of protective design. 

Protective Technologies is partnered with the University of California, San Diego and the Jacob School of Engineering as well as several other third party engineering organizations. Our relationship with UCSD has allowed us to test unique systems through advanced computational modeling, blast and seismic simulation through their seismic shake table and the only blast simulator in the country.   We have been the commercial outlet for several  AT/FP products tested there.  

We've designed and had implemented live blast and ballistic testing programs for use in new and retrofit construction and are therefore able to provide our clients with thorough testing results.  Our Blast Resistant Modules (BRMs) and Wall Panel Systems are a good example of our commitment to testing for commercial application.  

security master planning


More than just an engineering company

Protective Technologies Group is proud of our commitment to be more than just a physical protection engineering company.  All our employees are dedicated to improving the security of every client and providing peace of mind for all stakeholders.   Knowing that our clients have a Security Master Plan is crucial and goes hand-in-hand with improving physical security.  We are constantly educating ourselves on the latest statistics, research, planning and preparedness ideas and behavioral health issues of our times so that we can provide a holistic approach and provide turn-key solutions through our partnerships in the security industry.  

Our partnerships give us the opportunity to see  security  in more than just a physical security perspective and consider all aspects of a security plan, making us a natural systems integrator and Security Master Planning team. 

PTG is always open to presenting on overall security planning to your organization in the form of  informal Lunch and Learns as well as more in-depth speaking engagements  so please contact us to schedule either.