security master planning

Protective Technologies Group is proud of our commitment to be more than just a physical protection engineering company.  All our employees are dedicated to improving the security of every client and providing peace of mind for all stakeholders.   Knowing that our clients have a Security Master Plan is crucial and goes hand-in-hand with improving physical security.  We are constantly educating ourselves on the latest statistics, research, planning and preparedness ideas and behavioral health issues of our times so that we can provide a holistic approach and provide turn-key solutions through our partnerships in the security industry.  

Our partnerships give us the opportunity to see  security  in more than just a physical security perspective and consider all aspects of a security plan, making us a natural systems integrator and Security Master Planning team. 

PTG is always open to presenting on overall security planning to your organization in the form of  informal Lunch and Learns as well as more in-depth speaking engagements  so please contact us to schedule either.