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This page is our small effort to pass on some of the important information we have access to that might help inform your decisions and plan for the future.  Below are articles, white papers and links to websites and programs that can help you understand the challenges you face and give you some ideas on how to begin finding solutions for them.  

PTG is always open to presenting some of our knowledge to your organization in the form of  informal Lunch and Learns as well as more in-depth speaking engagements  so please contact us to schedule either.



Active Shooter


Seventy-five percent of Active Shooter Events are connected to the location or institution (i.e. student, employee, volunteer) and are not ideological or theological in nature.  The more you understand the nature of these events, the more you can help your organization plan and prepare for the possibility.  The links and articles below will give you some insight into this growing phenomenon and why it needs to be considered in your security planning.  

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Natural and Man-Made Hazards


There are many governmental standards to follow when it comes to natural and man-made hazards such as Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection, seismic, fire and high winds.  If your organization or location requires you to follow a standard, we can help unravel the complexities by working directly with you, the architect, General Contractor or owner's rep.  If you don't fall under any specific standards for such threats, it can be hard to know what's important and what order to follow.  We can assist there too.  The links and articles below will help you better understand the hazards and whether you need to plan for them..  

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Security Master Planning & Preparedness


Security Master Planning and Preparedness can be overwhelming.  PTG, through partnerships with various security planning and consulting firms, can provide threat assessments and help design a Master Preparedness Plan.  The links and articles below will also give you tips and places to go for more information on where to start.  

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Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection

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Security Planning & Preparedness

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