our children are our future

A Letter from the President of Protective Technologies

Dear School Administrators: 


Unfortunately, we are facing graver dangers in today’s society than ever before and our children are more at risk than ever before. As the President of Protective Technologies Group, I have never been more focused on an area than I am focused on school security. That’s because I am a mother to two adult children who have just recently finished their secondary education and haveexperienced some of these threats personally. 

As a school administrator, like a parent, your first impulse is to take quick action…. better doors and locks, camera systems, fencing.  Whatever you feel is your weak spot you want to fix, and fix now.  As a parent I get it,  and I know the pressure to “Do Something”.  I urge you to stop and do it right. Have a plan.  I urge you to call an expert. As a Trusted Advisor, PTG is committed to a holistic approach to school safety and security which includes assessment, planning and implementation. We are conversant with all the various building codes and as All-Hazards design and engineering professionals, we can provide turn-key assistance at whatever level you require and whatever your budget will allow. 

We have an excellent track record working with schools including schools on military bases and are ready to serve your school and your children in any way we can.  Please don't hesistate to contact us with your needs today. Our children are our future and we would be honored to help keep yours safe. 

Very Respectfully, 

Linda Mangold


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