Services Offered:

  • Expert Program Management
  • Design and Engineering 
  • Blast / Forced Entry Protection
  • Exceptional Security Engineering
  • Civil and Security Engineering
  • Military & Government Facilities Design & Construction (Classified and Unclassified)

Our comprehensive turn-key approach to protective design and engineering starts at the perimeter and incorporates the building's envelope to include the design of major structural elements and other elements such as doors and windows.   With this comprehensive approach, the design and engineering plan addresses all aspects of threat assessment, design and construction. After a thorough threat assessment, we can design, test and validate all elements, deliver economic advantages and support the complete solution. 
There are many governmental standards to follow when it comes to natural and man-made hazards such as Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection, seismic, fire and high winds.  If your organization or location requires you to follow a standard, we can help unravel the complexities by working directly with you, the architect, General Contractor or owner's rep.  If you don't fall under any specific standards for such threats, it can be hard to know what's important and what order to follow.  We can assist there too.  The links and articles below will help you better understand the hazards and whether you need to plan for them.

Our staff includes structural engineers with S.E.s and P.E.s and decades of experience in protective design and blast engineering.  Our goal is to provide a level of expertise and precise solutions that can be easily understood and implemented and that are backed by complete documentation to prove our designs and specs will be successful.    .