Blast Resistant Module (BRM)

Protective Technologies' BRM is a multi-use system which is an effective option for protection of personnel and critical infrastructure and is:

  • Tested with Computational Analysis, tested on the country's only Blast Simulator at Jacobs School of Engineering at University of California, San Diego and Live Blast Testing by Applied Research Associates (see video below and test results.)
  • Fully transportable and modular system
  • Stand-alone as a single unit or connection of multiple modules to form a larger building

BRM Blast Testing

 PTG's standard 8' x 8' x 20' BRM was tested by Applied Research Associates (  in Southwest Texas along with a standard ISO container.  Charge size was 9000 lbs. ANFO at 150 feet which is equivalent to over 8,000 lbs of TNT.  The BRM and the ISO container are pictured below after the first blast.  The only damage to the BRM was slight paint chipping and the dummy set up inside was untouched while the ISO container was clearly not survivable.


Test Results

Additional Information

Our BRM's can address any of the following threats: 

Vapor Cloud Explosions (model):
35 psi, 1,179 psi-msec, 200 ms duration

AT/FP or HE Explosions:
63 psi, 320 psi-msec, 18 ms duration

1-hr & 2-hr, evaluation in accordance with ASTM E-119-08

Exceeds 2009/2012 IBC, evaluation in accordance with EC 003-2012

Sound Protection: 

Minimum volume requirements are met at 80 Hz and above, in accordance with ASTM E 413-04

Certified UL 752 Level 8 includes: Shotgun, 7.62mm, .44 mag, 9mm FMJ

Minimum 250mph wind tolerance, exceeds 2009/2012 IBC, evaluation in accordance with EC 003-2012

Forced Entry:
15 minute/60 minute in accordance with US Department of State Guidelines 

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 Protective Technologies' Blast Resistant Modules have also been simulator tested by the Jacobs School of Engineering at the University of California, San Diego on the world's only blast simulator.    Blast Resistant Modules are fully tested and ITAR compliant and can be customized  in terms of size and configuration up to 48’ x 60’ with multiple doors including double doors and ramp for easy forklift access and storage.  Contact us for more information on how our BRM's can solve your all-hazards concerns.