Our Focus is Your Safety

 Protective Technologies is a 100% Woman-Owned  All-Threats and -Hazards design and engineering firm.  We take a straight-forward and holistic approach to security concerns by assessing man-made and natural threats to buildings and their occupants and developing and implementing turn-key solutions to mitigate those threats.  

While our core competency is physical security, we understand there is more to security than physical design and engineering and  we have created strong partnerships with organizations that also have a focus on security; our role  becoming that of a systems integrator for developing a Security Master Plan with  project partners such as architect and engineering firms, IT firms, city building organizations and local government entities, state and federal government departments and law enforcement/first responder groups to name a few.   

Focus on Innovation

 Because safety is our goal, Protective Technologies is also strongly committed to testing and development of new and innovative components and  systems, thus improving our clients' bottom lines and creating safe and aesthetically pleasing environments for building inhabitants.  Check out some of our innovative systems such as our  Unified Wall Panel System, the Zephyr Perimeter Ballistic Defense System, a louvered wall system designed to address Public Utilities and Critical Infrastructure protection, and our Ballistic Resistant Module, a custom All-Hazards module that can be constructed as a single unit or multiple connected units to create a larger building.  And we aren't resting on our laurels but continuing to look for and develop new and innovative life-saving products that are currently Under Development

Turn-key Approach

Our expertise in threat assessments, security master planning, protective design and engineering, as well as our knowledge of Municipal, Federal and Military building code requirements for these threats, makes us an invaluable addition to any project team that has an AT/FP or physical security component, whether new build or retrofit.   Our partnerships allow us to fulfill our goal of providing a holistic turn-key approach to solving your security concerns today.